Points redemption gift list

  • LP001
  • 无线充电器
  • 2000
  • LP002
  • 魅族 V8 高配版高透保护膜
  • 500
  • LP003
  • 车载充电器快充版
  • 2500
  • LP004
  • 华为NM存储卡(128GB)
  • 800
  • LP005
  • 智能体脂秤
  • 3200
(Gift redemption is only possible after members log in。Please click here to log in   Points required to redeem the above gifts:
Spend Points:
After the commodity order is successfully traded, the corresponding points of the order can be obtained. At present, the point standard is 1 yuan to get 5 points, for example: successfully purchase 50 yuan (excluding freight), then the points obtained by this order are 50*5=250 points。

Gift exchange method:
As long as you accumulate the points corresponding to the gift, you can redeem the gift. Please go to "Gift Redemption" to make your selection. Gifts will only be sent with the product at the same time as the purchase, and will not be sent separately. Please exchange for gifts before selecting the items you want to purchase, and state the words "Send with gifts" in the postscript of this order, and the purchase points of this order will not be used until this order is shipped。

Points inquiry method:
The system will automatically update the accumulated points of all members after shipment, and the member area can check the remaining points and point reconciliation.

Points are valid only for the person logged in. Cannot be combined with other members' points. Points cannot be converted into cash.
If you return or refuse to accept the goods, the shopping points accumulated by your purchase will be deducted. Confirmed gifts cannot be changed, cancelled or exchanged.
Points redemption gifts are kept for 30 days and will be sent with your next order.